Piano Whiz Kids started as a project by a Piano Whiz Kid, Jordan Ong. From humble beginnings in 2016, it grew to 40 students within the span of 4 years!

The Piano Whiz Kids Studio offers unique and wonderful experiences. It provides awesome performance opportunities. In one year, Piano Whiz Kids studio held six concerts:

  • Nutcrackers concert, Dec 2018
  • Thousand Islands festival master classes and recital, Jan 2019
  • Easter  Concert, April 2019
  • Patriotic Concert to prepare for Washington DC performances at the Kennedy Center, Aug 2019
  • Piano Super Saturday marathon weekend and the Little Star competition in Houston, Nov. 2019
  • Christmas Concert at the Hopkins home, Dec 2019

Throughout these concerts, students from ages 5 to 15 acquired the confidence, poise and showmanship to perform many classical and popular repertoire.

Piano Whiz Kids combines musicality with modern techniques. In weekly private lessons, we enhance the students’ abilities in visual, audio and kinesthetic skills simultaneously. In addition to the emphasis on fingering, phrasing, dynamics and tempo, we use apps such as Note Trainers to enhance sight reading, Musical Games to learn notes values and rhythm, and curated selections from Spotify to develop appreciation of different musical styles. 

Checklist for helping students learn
We teach our students from multiple angles, not just playing the notes.
Little Star Piano Competition
Little Star Piano Competition, held in Houston, TX.

Our studio provides fantastic opportunities to observe world class pianists up close and personal in our home and at the regular Piano Super Saturday recitals. Our students travel to prestigious venues to perform, such as the Kennedy Center, the Philadelphia Kimmel Center and Teatro National Costa Rica, San Diego Steinway Gallery. We are a group of international whiz kids and global citizens who are high achievers in many other areas, and also speak multiple languages. We rejoice that Music is the universal language that binds all of us, bringing peace on earth and good will towards men.